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Organic Color Systems Ad Campaign, Edgy

Single page print campaign for Organic Color, Curl, Care and Control Systems range of professional salon products for Organic Salon Systems.

Art Director, Stylist, Writer – Troy Raszka
Photographer – David Monroe

Beautiful Color Shouldn’t Be Hazardous To You Health
A gorgeous color service should make your clients look and feel great.  But ammonia hair color’s corrosive properties and hazardous fumes can damage the cuticle and irritate the eyes, lungs and scalp of your clientele.  Not to mention what it can do to you after years of compounded exposure!  Isn’t it time to switch to the proven ammonia free hair color – Organic Color Systems?

An Artist Wouldn’t Destroy The Canvas To Create A Masterpiece.  Why Do You?
Ammonia splinters the hair cuticle and destroys a protein in the hair shaft called tyrosine.  They are the essential components that make up your canvas!  Isn’t it time that you start using the proven ammonia free hair color – Organic Color Systems?

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