Heesen Yachts Ad Campaign

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Heesen Yachts Print Ad - E3

Ad Campaign for Heesen Yachts.
Magazine ad campaign created for Heesen while employed with Lazzara Yachts.  Heesen partnered with Lazzara as a venture to introduce their yachts to the United States.  The campaign centered on Heesen’s three unique selling points.  Experience, both in manufacture and end use, Engineering and Excellence.
Art Director, Writer – Troy Raszka with client supplied photography
E3 Aluminum Logo Designer – Chuck Thompson

Heesen Yachts Ad Campaign

Expertise – A tradition of craftsmanship that is second to none.
Sea Trial – The North Sea is a proving ground for some… It’s our playground.  ”North Sea Certified”
Speed – Can your 123 foot motor yacht cruise at 32 knots?  Ours does.
Relax – Just you, your closest friends and a 360° view of paradise.

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