Devine Agency Self Promo

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Devine Communications Self Promo

Self Promotion for Devine Communications.
Art Director, Photographer – Troy Raszka
Creative Director – A. Glenn Arscott
Writer – Ray Straub

“We Grow Chains.  We started growing chains two decades ago.  With a lot of care and feeding we grew Hungry Howie’s form a chain of 20 stores to more than 190 today.  More recently, we helped Amscot Financial Services to grow from a chain of 9 offices to 40.  Next came Shapes Total Fitness with 14 and Buddy’s Home Furnishings with 56.  In between, we helped a lot of other businesses grow, too: Crown Auto Dealers, Orange Blossom Groves.  Things are sprouting all over.  Having just acquired Patching, with 46 women’s stores, and Sonny’s Bar-B-Q with 145 restaurants, we can safely say we know how to grow chains.  Our creative and media approach prunes away dead wood and weeds out waste.  Combine this with unheard of account service and you’ll get a fresh approach to making your business grow.  Best yet, we’ll do it without any of the usual agenct fertilizer.”

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